1. What is e-Auction? When should Forward and Reverse Auction be used?

2. Who is a Bidder?

3. Are the Auction Events Private or public? How confidential is the Auction data?

4. How can a user register with Easy Auctions?

5. Can an individual who is not a registered company or an organization, register as a Bidder?

6. Forgotten user name and / or password: How to retrieve the same?

7. Which Internet Browser should be used? Which is the most suitable Internet Browser for Easy Auctions?

8. What is the internet connection requirement for smooth working of Easy Auctions?

9. What format of documents can be uploaded? And up to what size?

10. What is Auto Bid? How is it employed?

11. Can a Bidder view his Auction data after completing an Auction event?

12. How do Bidders come to know of change/s, if any, in Auction Parameters?

13. Can the closing time of an Auction event be extended? How it is done? What is Auto-extension?